East-European Conference „Health of an Organization“

East-European Conference „Health of an Organization“

What? Conference „Health of an Organization“ – a week full of lectures, workshops, artistic activities and meaningful conversations.

To whom? 21. East-European Conference for doctors, therapists, teachers, curative teachers, kindergarten teachers, parents and other interested parties

When? 5.-10. August 2014

Where? Johannes School and Kindergarten at Rosma (Address: Village Rosma, Põlva county, Estonia)

Info and registration? Diana Asur asurdiana7@gmail.com, Riina Velmet riinavelmet@hot.ee

Topic? Health of an organisation or Human biography in communities – possibilities, detours, constellations and deeds that can change the World

NB! 8 August 2014 at 19.30 Eurythmy performance. 6 Estonian eurythmists guided by legendary Finnish eurythmy teacher Anja Riska perform music eurythmy – Beethoven, Bach, Sibelius, Bergman, Gubaidulina etc.


  • Priests Kati Kolk and Felix Nieriker: Willst du gesund werden? Heilende Kraft des Christus. (lecture in German)
  • Farmer Geoffrey Burt: How lessons from a vegetable garden could be significant in the cultivation of a healthy social landscape (lecture in English)
  • Doctor Andreas Ossapofsky: Der innere Arzt (lecture in German)
  • Teacher Vladimir Pegov: Working with forces of antipathy and sympathy in a school/ Paботa с cилами симпатии и антипатии в школьные годы (lecture in Russian)
  • Teacher and parent Mati Valgepea: Health of a school (lecture in English)
  • Therapist Francisco Barcelo


  • Mati Valgepea: Talking and listening
  • Geoffrey Burt: Flora and landscape
  • Vladimir Pegov: Polarities in teaching geography and history based on examples of Western and Eastern Europe/Полярности в преподавании на эпохах географии и истории на примере Западной и Восточной Европы
  • Andreas Ossapofsky: Medical help in cases of learning disabilities, lagastheny and behaviour disorders /Medizinische Hilfe bei Lernstörungen, Legasthenie, Verhaltensstörungen
  • Kati Kolk, Felix Nieriker: Community and me. Questions, oportunities, problems/Ich und Gemeinschaft. Fragen, Möglichkeiten, Probleme.

Artistic workshops:

  • Epp Vainu: eurythmy „Inner life of music. MusicalEurythmy based on music by Arvo Pärt“
  • Triin Tarn: Werbeck singing „Group and individuaal“
  • Karmen Linnamägi: musical theraphy „ Circle of the Year and Circle of Life in Music: The Essence of the Musical Keys“
  • Ivi Gauk: painting „Plants and geometry“
  • Tanja Franke: clay modelling

Every morning: The Act of Consecration of Man